Some random ideas

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Some random ideas

Post by TrapFish » Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:24 am

1. Add a PvP area in alion for higher-level payers because most of them are around alion city, so they don't have to go to Teplar cuz it's far. Plus, they can do scorpee battles there if they want... I saw many players playing with scorpees and trying to kill others with :roll: :roll:
2. Add more capacity to the guild by using money or emes (ex: +3 members for 300k or 10 emes) and set a maximum capacity (ex: 70 members max), so that u don't need to create a second guild for new members.
3. Many players have mentioned this before: add a loot stealer timer in general skills (like in HH) to avoid people stealing ur items.
4. Vendor reset: After 30 days, items in vendors that are unsold will be sold for shop price, the money will automatically be in atm and the owners will receive a notif. The runes and items with runes will be returned to the owners with a notif. If the owner doesn't have space in the inventory, the runes and the items with runes will remain in the vendor (can still be bought) until the owner has space in inventory (will receive a notif when the runes/items will be returned) The reason why I suggest this is because there are too many people that sell items like sticks/arrows/bullets for 999k and the items remain in vendors. :x :x

That's all for the random ideas I got today. If u support one of these, let me know by typing support + numbers
Have a good day!!! :D :D :D :D
TRAPFISH :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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